Our Approach

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We believe that in order to deliver quality mathematical education, NZ teachers need an understanding of proven pedagogies and access to effective tools. The use of these approaches together builds a strong, inclusive and culturally aware learning programme for all learners.

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Mastery Approach

This approach is foundational to all maths learning. It is where we form a belief that all children should have access to the learning opportunities at their level, with their peers altogether.It aims for deeper understanding of the concepts rather than rote learning. In doing so they are
  • developing fluency
  • applying learning in different/unseen contexts
  • making connections within mathematical areas
  • developing complex reasoning
  • making generalisations

CPAL Approach

Essential to all learning areas. Within the context of maths, the CPA approach helps all students understand the abstract concepts that are hard to explore. All aspects of this model work intertwined and connect the learning modes simultaneously.
  • C - Concrete - This is the 'doing' stage, often using Manipulatives'.
  • P - Pictorial - How can we draw, illustrate or model the learning.
  • A - Abstract - How we represent our thinking using symbols
  • L - Language - At Maths Associates, we believe that by adding the Language aspect in (talking, thinking, listening, modelling key terms) we enhance the CPA approach more.

A balanced Approach

Our team understand the needs of each school are different. We can help you create a balanced approach towards mathematics with solid foundational principles and pedagogy.

Maths Discourse

Bring discussions into your maths programme in a safe, constructive way that helps students not only share their thinking but also work with others to build understanding.

Bar Modelling

A great way for teachers and learners to illustrate their thinking. It is also a useful tool to solve problems.

Active Maths

Find fun and exciting ways to bring maths alive! Let's get active with maths and apply learning in real life contexts.

We love linking Maths to other areas of learning like the arts, EOTC, and integrated studies. Maths can be so much fun!